John Oliver 

Following some recent revelations about the role of large companies in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, John Oliver takes another look at the crisis.

Published on Apr 14, 2019

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Media Organizations  and Social Media

The media plays an important role in maintaining and enhancing our democracy, yet more and more Americans distrust the fragmented media.


Examining the role of the media  in the Pain Opioid Epidemic Ecosystem


The media outlet's coverage of the opioid epidemic illustrates the challenges and opportunities for the media in reporting and covering complex social issues. As the shapers of public opinion, the media plays a crucial role within the pain opioid ecosystem.

When complete this section will include the latest articles, social media, lectures, and related information relevant to the Pain Opioid Epidemic Case. 


America on Opioids: The many faces of the country’s addiction crisis portrayed through the media 

1. Personal Stories

2. Political reporting and analysis  

3. Business

4. Health and well being

5. Opinions

6. Legal system

7. Consumer-oriented 

8. Science and technology 

Link to examples of media coverage 

The Atlantic

The New York Times 

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