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Stakeholders: Insurance, Plans and Payers 


In this section you will learn more about issues related to insurance coverage  associated with the opiate epidemic: 


1. Coverage of the  treatment of acute and chronic pain

2. Coverage of treatment of Opiate Dependence 

3. Find out regulations about coverage of Naloxone Treatment 



Content will be in various forms including articles, infographs, interviews, links to other websites, video and other media forms. 



Action Plan for Citizens

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Parity information 


Check list for insurance


Best practice 

The Mental Health & Preparing For The Future Substance Use Disorder Of Artificial Intelligence Parity Task Force

Health insurance makes a big difference. It provides security and enables people to seek care they might not otherwise be able to receive. In addition to dramatically expanding health coverage through the ACA, the Obama Administration has taken important steps to ensure that insurance coverage for health care services for mental health and substance use disorder is comparable to—or at parity with—general medical care.

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