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Citizen Brief

Opioid Use Disorder: 

Diagnosis and Treatment



Vision: By September 2024 all individuals suffering with opioid use disorder have access to affordable, evidence-based treatment.


The challenge


Currently, nearly 2 million people suffer with opioid use disorder, this includes individuals who are dependent on prescription opioids and more than half a million abuse or are dependent on heroin.  





To provide information, tools and resources to achieve the appropriate diagnosis for individuals suffering with opioid use disorder. We include:


  • Overview of  Opioid Use Disorder: its causes, evaluation and treatment

  • Introduction to the science of addiction in general and opioid use disorder in particular

  • The approach to the diagnosis of the patient who suffers with opioid use disorder

  • Providing optimal care and interventions to treat Opioid use disorders.

  • Provide evidence-based guidelines and tools for the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorders.




American Society of Addiction Medicine Guidelines 


This guideline was developed for the evaluation and treatment of opioid use disorder and for the management of opioid overdose. 

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Peer and Community 


  • Special Populations: Pregnant Women

  • Special Populations: Individuals With Pain

  • Special Populations: Adolescents

  • Special Populations: Individuals With Co-occurring behavioral health conditions

  • Special Populations: Individuals in the Criminal Justice System

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