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“Our self conception we’re a magazine of the enlightenment.   What   I mean by that is that we endorse and  believe in the enlightenment principle that there is such a thing as observable empirical reality and that our job is to report on that reality and interpret it.”


Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

The Atlantic Reporting On the Opioid Epidemic 

The True Cause of the Opioid Epidemic 

Olga Khazan

New research supports the idea that economic distress led to an increase in opioid abuse. But some say the origins of the epidemic are far more complicated.

Trump Is Using the Opioid Crisis to Build His Wall

The epidemic is an integral part of the president’s anti-immigration rhetoric, but it otherwise hasn’t become an urgent part of his policy agenda.

Vann R. Newkirk II   Jan 9, 2019

The People Trump's War on Drugs Will Actually Punish Vann R. Newkirk II  MAR 26, 2018

His campaign, backed by the Justice Department, only reinforces a law-enforcement paradigm that puts people of color in prison

Trump’s ‘Big Dent’ in the Opioid Crisis

The president signed what he called a “landmark” bill to fight opioid addiction, but drug-policy experts and Democrats say it’s at best a step in the right direction. Lola Fadulu Oct 25, 2018

The One-Paragraph Letter From 1980 That Fueled the Opioid Crisis


Are Pharmaceutical Companies to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?

Recent lawsuits are asking courts whether the current crisis is comparable to the one over tobacco in the ’90s. Yet…

An ‘Overprescription of Opioids’ That Led to a Crisis

The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse pointed to economic factors as a cause of the epidemic. KRISHNADEV CALAMUR June 23, 2018

The Phantom Czar

Having Kellyanne Conway, a pollster, take point on the fight against opioids reveals a great deal about the seriousness of the White House’s effort. David Frum


Short Answers to Hard . Questions About the Opioid Crisis

The Pain and Opioid Epidemic Search Google Docs: 




A Brief History of Opioids ( A Purdue Sponsored article from 2015, recently removed from The Atlantic Website) Pain, Opioids and Medicinal Use


Take My Pain Away ( A Purdue Sponsored article from 2015, recently removed from The Atlantic Website)


A Physician’s Perspective of Prescription Opioids and Pain Management

Gerald Aronoff, MD, Medical Director, Carolina Pain Associates


Treating Pain, Combating Abuse ( A Purdue Sponsored article from 2015, recently removed from The Atlantic Website)


Treating Chronic Pain in a Nation with Persistent Drug Abuse



Generation Rx ( A Purdue Sponsored article from 2015, recently removed from The Atlantic Website)


Reversing the Deadly Trend of Medicinal Abuse


Media and social media
The Atlantic 

The media outlet's coverage of the opioid epidemic illustrates the challenges and opportunities for the media in reporting and covering complex social issues. As the shapers of public opinion, the media plays a crucial role within the pain opioid ecosystem. The Atlantic is a leading media outlet with print, digital, live events, and more. The Atlantic’s reporting and engagement with the opioid epidemic, the war on drugs can be improved.

The Role of the Media in Addressing Social and Political Challenges 

In the political ecosystem, the media plays a central role in providing a framework and process for citizens to be part of the solution. We offer a comprehensive journalistic approach to address the complex challenges associated with the pain opioid epidemic.      Go to media as a stakeholder 

Examining The Atlantic's coverage of the Pain Opioid Epidemic 

What if The Atlantic lead the way in providing a framework for more meaningful citizen engagement with societal challenges that allow for a contextualize framework to include investigative reporting, data journalism, accountability journalism.

Visualizing The Potential for The Atlantic as a contributor to Public Opinion 


I  invite you to visualize how The Atlantic across its various platforms can play a major role to address the complexity of the opioid epidemic, a major social, health, political, political, economic, social justice, and criminal justice challenges facing our nation.

A Proposal

When complete this section will include the latest articles, social media, lectures, and related information relevant to the Pain Opioid Epidemic Case. 

The Atlantic Health Care Summit and David Frum’s discussion of the opioid epidemic in the latest Radio Atlantic podcast highlight the challenges of “the worst drug epidemic” we are currently confronting in the US.

The Atlantic Festival

Combating Crisis panels at The Atlantic Festival  


Atlantic Festival Page on Facebook

What will end the opioid epidemic? Drug overdoses are the number one accidental killer of Americans. More than half of those deaths involve opioids and powerful new synthetics that are highly addictive and potentially fatal when abused. Underwritten by the Association of American Medical Colleges, Combating a Crisis at #TheAtlanticFest explored how the nation can overcome this deadly crisis.

What will end the opioid epidemic

Treating pain and addiction responsibly

Combatting the opioid crisis*

Efforts to stop illegal fentanyl from entering the country

The Atlantic is a central stakeholder to a meaningful “solution” for the opioid epidemic.   

New Items Relevant to the Opioid Epidemic:

Here are a number of related topics at various stages of completeness.


The Pain Opioid Epidemic Project (Description of the project)

  1. Overview article that contextualizes the opioid epidemic within the political ecosystem.

  2. The Opioids are the Opioids of the Masses



  1. Periodic updates of issues and commentary associated with the opioid epidemic, and the various stakeholders.

  2. Tools to contextualize the information



  1. Invite readers to explore their communities  and comment on the stories


Monthly Updates:

  1. Provide updated information and data about the epidemic

  2. Review of the performance  of legislation



  1. Periodic  Interviews with key players and stakeholders

  2. Thought leaders


Panel discussions and live events:

  1. Use the opioid epidemic as a framework for understanding political challenges and potential solutions

  2. Work with various citizen groups and other institutions

I am happy to provide a more detailed introduction to the approach ( to address complex challenges in the political ecosystem).

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