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Vision of Optimal Care : The  individual suffering with opioid use disorder/ addiction


The Pain-Opioid Ecosystem


The Pain-Opioid Ecosystem Stakeholders 



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Humanizing the epidemic:  The  Individual Suffering with Pain and Addiction

Social Determinants of the Opioid Epidemic


Opioid Use Disorder Dependence, Addiction and Abuse


Opioid Use Disorder: Prevention & Diagnosis


Opioid Use Disorder: Treatment


Harm Reduction: Preventing and reducing harm associated with opioid use


The War on Drugs


Pain and its Management






Case One:  The Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation (Brief)


The Case Presentation Approach to Complex Challenges


The Pain Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation: Treatment Plan





The Atlantic 





The Pain Opioid Epidemic County Platform Montgomery County,  PA


Montgomery County, PA: Pain Management


Montgomery County, PA: Substance Use Disorders


Montgomery County, PA: Behavioral Health Services


Montgomery County, PA: County Stakeholders



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The Challenge of Pain and Opioid Use


Path to the Pain Opioid Epidemic



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