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Who is to Blame for the Opioid Crisis? 

The Who is To Blame for the Opioid Crisis citizen survey seeks to capture current thinking by people like yourself as to the culprits responsible for the damage caused by opioids to individuals, families, communities and nationally.  Thank you for considering participating in the survey. 

About the Survey

A Citizen Exploration of the Pain Opioid Ecosystem 

The opioid crisis (epidemic), having claimed over 500,000 lives in the United States, is  nearing the end of the litigation phase in its two decade arc of devastation. 

Although the focus of the litigation has been the deep pocketed pharmaceutical supply chain of legal opioids, there are many other stakeholders in the complex opioid ecosystem. This survey seeks to et a better understanding who you believe is to  blame  for the opioid crisis .

The survey is anonymous, unscientific, and will be shared publicly through the Pain Opioid Project in order to better understand and provide a citizen based approach to addressing the crisis.  

Learn More About the Survey
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